What Causes Algae Problems?

Algae spores can be brought into your swimming pool by rain, the wind blowing, equipment which is contaminated or even swimsuits. When the water is out of balance and the pool is warm; with lots of sunlight as well as having high amounts of nitrates and /or carbon dioxide present, then algae will be calling your pool home before you know it. Other contributing factors also can be a filtration and/or a sanitation problem as well as a lack of proper circulation. So what problems do algae cause?

21805444_sWell, when your pool is full of algae, no one wants to go swimming in your pool. Also, to get rid of algae completely takes a lot of time, effort and money. This is necessary with a pool too because algae not just clouds the water and makes it a different color making lifeguarding difficult; it brings dangerous pathogens also such as E-coli bacteria.

In addition, it will clog the pores in your filter which will decrease the effectiveness of your filter. This will cause you to have to backwash more often. Then you will need to add more chlorine.

Now having to remove algae in your pool is equivalent to a gardener having to remove weeds from his or her garden; persistence and patience is the key. But best is to prevent algae from forming. To do this, a proper balance of both chemicals and sanitizer residuals will help keep algae from growing. Also, keeping your pool clean by brushing the sides and bottom to prevent spores clustering is needed. In addition, there are specialized chemicals you can use that will destroy algae before it begins. One is Potassium Tetraborate. When added to the pool water, this will keep the algae from converting carbon dioxide into fuel for growth. Too, you can check with your pool specialists to see what advice they have.

Algae isn’t impossible to get rid of, but it’s less work if you use preventative measures so it doesn’t even get it’s foot in your pool to begin with.

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