Facts about Healthy Pools

family-poolA swimming pool test for clean water can be done using your senses. This doesn’t mean other tests shouldn’t be done; but still, observation is a good test too. Now in this, how do you best use your senses?

  • Using your sight: when you’re looking into a swimming pool, the water should be clear, blue and clean. There should be no algae present, and the water should be unclouded. If you’re looking from the perimeter of the pool, the painted stripes which are on the pool floor and also the drain should be clearly visible. Additionally, the water level you see is important. The level of the water needs to be over the grills and lapping constantly as its being filtered.
  • Using your touch: When touching the tiles, they should be clean and smooth to the touch; your hand should glide over them without any problems. If the tiles are slippery or feel sticky, then there may be algae or other organisms which can cause illnesses present. Also with touch, if you scoop a handful of water, it shouldn’t stay in your hands but run through your fingers quickly.
  • Using your sense of smell: Because you smell chlorine doesn’t mean the pool’s clean. In a well maintained pool, a strong chlorine smell isn’t present. So if there’s a strong odor present, then a high level of chloramines may be in the water. And these chloramines not only cause odor but may cause eye, respiratory, or skin irritations. This is because chloramines are formed in a pool when chlorine combines with contaminants.
  • Using sound: Take a moment and listen to hear if the pump is operating properly. Now when the pump is operating it pumps clean chlorinated water to all areas of the pool. Also, the filters will remove any debris which is floating on the top of the water or in the water itself.

Swimming’s a fun and family friendly activity, but if you swallow, come into contact with or breathe in contaminated water, you can become ill. Just remember to safeguard check the pool you’re going to be swimming in.

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