What to Look for in Pool Care Service

prof-cleaningYou’ve decided that you haven’t the time to keep your swimming pool maintained, and the time you do have free, you want to spend in it on anything but pool maintenance. So what should you look for in a qualified pool service company? To help with this, below are some things to look for and some questions to ask when pool care service shopping:

  • Ask if they have a business license and a contractor’s license. If they don’t have either, reconsidering using them is a priority. It is important whomever you hire is licensed so that you know they are professional. If the service you’re considering is listed as having a contractor’s license number, then check with the state contractor’s license board to see the status of the company’s license also.
  • Ask if they have liability insurance. This is important because you put a lot of money in your swimming pool and accidents do happen. Say you have lovely concrete stamped with an intricate design for a pool sidewalk. A heavy tool dropped the wrong way though and you could end up with an ugly crack. Sure, your homeowners may cover it, but then your rates go up. So check and make sure the company not only has liability insurance, but that’s its current.
  • Check the quality of their customer service. Was the phone answered quickly or, if you left a message, was the call returned within a reasonable time? Did the company actually show up on time and on the day which they said they would to talk to you about their service? Remember, customer service should be the number one priority. This is a service industry Therefore: you want them there when you need them and when they’re scheduled.
  • Do the company employees look and act professional? For example, employees should have real business cards and real estimate forms for service bids. Also did the employee answer every one of your questions to your satisfaction? Or did he or she seem uneasy or nervous?

Pool care service can cost you so you want the best.

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