Stay Safe in Your Pool

little-girl-swimmingSummer fun usually includes swimming so making sure your swimming pool is safe should be a number one priority. Drownings can be prevented by this and by you, your family and friends practicing water safety. So below are a list of safety precautions you can take so that you and those you love are protected:

  • Pool safety toolkit: a pool safety tool kit should include a first aid kit, a pair of sharp scissors to cut clothing; a pool cover or even hair if needed. It should also include a portable phone that’s charged and ready to call 911; plus a floatation device.
  • Secure your pool: your pool should have a 4 foot high barrier or fence. The gate should be self-latching and self-closing with a pool alarm if anyone goes into the pool area. A safety cover should be on the pool when not in use, and any ladders or steps should be removed so unauthorized access is denied.
  • Rules: Rules should be in place and gone over repeatedly; especially if you have first time guests. Safe behaviors are things like “stay away from the drain covers” because they have a vacuum force on hair, “no running, only walking,” “always swim with a buddy; never alone” and “absolutely no diving” if you have no diving board in a deep end.
  • Supervise children: Watch children at all times under active supervision. Always stay within an arm’s length from your children in case they run into trouble. Have a designated person to keep an eye on the water when people are in the pool also in case someone experiences difficulty. If you have inexperienced swimmers, have them wear U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests too.
  • Keep a clean pool: Keep your pool clear and clean by using the proper chemicals and vacuuming it. Keep the water levels maintained, check the filtration and circulation often. Also test the PH and adjust added chemicals as needed to decrease the risk of rashes, earaches or something more serious.

Swimming’s all part of summer fun, but so is pool safety.

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