The Difference Between Commercial and Homeowner Pools

A swimming pool is a swimming pool; or is it? What separates a commercial pool from a privately owned pool? Are there restrictions on one type and not the other? Read on to find out.

Commercial pools

A commercial swimming pool is a pool which is used by the public. This type can range from people who are members of a club, a residential type community or a school. There are mandatory design, maintenance standards and equipment that commercial pools have to have. This can cover types of covers, safety equipment, minimum chemistry standards and the rate of turnover as in people allowed in an out of the pool. Also, health inspectors will visit a commercial pool once a year to check for liability issues. If the commercial pool doesn’t pass, the pool can be closed until everything is corrected and then fined if problems still exist.

A commercial public pool is used by many people at one time. Therefore; it’s important to calculate the volume of water in a large pool because both public health and liability can become involved. If a mistake is made in the amount of water in the pool at any given time, then errors in chemical applications, maintenance calculations and turnover rates will be affected as well. Bacteria can grow and cause bathers to become ill then and the city or state can be sued.

Homeowner pools

homeowner-poolA private pool owned by a homeowner is usually smaller than a commercial pool. These pools can be above or in-ground. The construction varies. Private pools are usually in backyards and can be either permanent or collapsible temporary pools. Many areas have strict regulations about having a fence around the pool so young children cannot enter the pool area too by accident. In rural areas; however, there may not be any requirements for a fence around pools.

A homeowner pools is usually covered by insurance in case of leaking or other damage. Also, if the homeowner is smart, liability coverage is a good idea in case of an accident while a person is swimming in the homeowner’s pool.

Having fun in the sun can be for everyone whether it’s in a commercial pool or a privately owned pool.

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