Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance

commercial-careThere is a difference in maintaining a commercial swimming pool as opposed to a private pool because of the higher bath load and concern for public health issues. Below are things to do and inspect to keep a commercial pool clean and sparkling though:

  • The pump and filter are especially important for a commercial pool to have water that is both properly filtered and circulated. For top performance, make sure the pump strainer is cleaned out, any worn gaskets and seals are replaced and check the gallons per minute with a flowmeter too.
  • Inspect filter cartridges and D.E. grids for holes so the D.E. powder and debris doesn’t escape into the pool. Sand filters will also need to be backwashed, and you must periodically check the sand for channeling.
  • Installing a chemical automation system will simplify the maintenance of pool sanitizer levels. This system will measure the pH, sanitizer levels, ORP and dispense automatically the amount of chemicals correctly to balance the swimming pool chemically. This is important so no bacteria or germs contaminate the pool.
  • Sanitizing the pool is needed. Pool sanitization is done by a commercial pool chlorinator. This container holds chlorine tablets and a valve to control the flow and amount of chlorinated water going into the pool. If the pump is shut off here, the system will not put chlorine in the pool. However, the chlorinator will automatically run if the pump is running.
  • Vacuum the pool daily to remove all debris from the bottom of the pool and skim the top of the pool.
  • Dirt and scum will accumulate on the walls so brushing the walls is another step which needs to be taken. The size of a commercial pool brush is about 18 to 36 inches wide. It will attach to a telepole and the brushes used will either be nylon or steel bristles depending on the pool surface.

The maintenance on a commercial pool is very similar to a private pool, but the scale is bigger

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