Caring for Large Volume Swimming Pool

large-volumn-poolA large volume swimming pool can add about 8% to the value of your home as well as giving you hours of fun and leisure activity. Keeping your pool clean and sparking doesn’t take a lot of sweat and effort either, but it does take commitment. In this you will probably spend about four to eight hours a week keeping your pool swimming ready during the peak of swimming season. Following the steps below though will help to keep your pool clean and ready to use at a moment’s notice:

  • You will need to check the pH levels and the chlorine levels about two times a week. The range for pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6. Your chlorine levels need to be 1.0 to 3.0 parts per million. Test the pool levels after all the swimmers have vacated the pool. The best time to do so is about 4 hours when everyone is gone and about 8 hours after rain. Add what chemicals you need to bring the levels back to where they should be.
  • Make sure you clean the pool at least once a week and remove debris from the bottom with a vacuum. Empty all the skimmer baskets and skim any leaves or debris from the top of the surface.
  • Use a pool brush to apply pool surface cleaner to the pool surface walls. Clean along the waterline and just below the surface with a quick scrub.
  • Next you will need to shock the pool once a week. To do this you add a large amount of chlorine to keep algae and contaminants under control. Each chlorine product has its own set of instructions based on the amount of water in your pool. Apply the chlorine at dusk, run the pump and filter overnight and don’t swim in the pool for 24 hours.
  • During the hot summer months run your filtration system as much and as often as you can. By filtering constantly and keeping the water moving, there is less problem with bacteria; body oils, dust, dirt and environmental pollution.

Having a swimming pool can be enjoyable fun for the entire family. And keeping the pool sparking and clean isn’t as hard as it looks.

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