Health Benefits of Swimming

If you have a swimming pool or have access to one, you have a great resource for improving your health. Activity is an important part of staying healthy and swimming is a great alternative for many people. Exercising in a pool has a variety of benefits and is especially appropriate for people with injuries, arthritis, nerve damage and many other issues.

swimming-exerciseWhat are some of the benefits of doing your workout in a swimming pool? Swimmers are able to raise their heart rates without putting excess stress on their joints and the rest of their bodies. Regular swimming can have long-term benefits that include cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance. Just like any kind of exercise, swimming can help you lose or maintain weight and keep your heart and lungs healthy. People of all ages can swim – from children to senior citizens.

One of the most important things to remember is that water provides significantly more resistance than air. This means that it’s easier to build muscle tone due to the resistance level. When you exercise in the water, you use all of your body during the workout instead of just part of it. Swimmers will get tired more quickly due to this resistance and the full-body workout they’re experiencing.

If you want to get the maximum benefit out of swimming, you should ensure that you’re using proper technique. If you haven’t been swimming in years, consider taking swimming lessons. Many recreation centers offer lessons for adults to help them brush up on their skills. This will help you get the maximum impact out of your exercise. Lessons can also help you stay safe in the water because you’ll learn safety skills.

Before you begin swimming, prepare like you would for any type of exercise. Warm up your muscles. Do some gentle stretches. Always have plenty of water and sunscreen available when you’re exercising in the swimming pool. Frequent swimmers often wear goggles to protect their eyes from irritation. They may also wear caps to protect their hair and increase their speed. You should avoid swimming during the hottest part of the day as you’ll be susceptible to sunburn and overheating.

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