How to Repair Colored Fiberglass Pools

You have to admit that a fiberglass swimming pool is beautiful to look at. Glistening in the sunlight with the water sparkling for an inviting swim; it’s difficult to resist. But wait, what about that ugly crack that just appeared out of nowhere? It looks as if you have a problem, and now you have to repair your fiberglass pool.

What can you do?

blue-fiberglassMost fiberglass pools can get twenty or forty years of swimming fun without you having to worry about repairs. But when that crack does appear, it will have to be repaired. It can be hard sometimes to match a factory finish with a colored finish repair kit too. Also, some pools have an overlapping of multiple layers such as a solid color, then a metallic flake is applied followed by a clear coat. These pools are difficult to have a repair done which won’t be noticed. The best bet then is to start with a pool that has a surface finish which is a solid color when you have it originally installed. When repairing a pool which has a solid surface finish, you can use a single application product then which will make the job a lot less difficult. This will give you a closer match to the factory finish of your swimming pool.

The repair

Your first step when you find a crack is to drain the pool so that you can see what the damage is. Then let the area dry and look at the damage and access how bad of a problem it is. If it’s cosmetic, then the treatment will be different then if the damage is structural.

  • If the damage is minor, you may be able to cover the crack with fiberglass paint. However, if the damage is more severe, than you’ll need a fiberglass repair kit. You will also need an orbital sander that has a replacement cutting wheel included, a straightedge ruler, pen and a putty knife or scraper for the repair.
  • To start, using the orbital sander, sand the area around the crack. Next, remove the disc of the sander and replace it with a diamond-edged cutting wheel. Using the ruler and pen, measure about a half inch outside the border of the crack. This way, when you cut out the crack, you’ll be able to remove the entire cracked section.
  • Now, using the cement which is included in the kit, fill in the gap with the putty knife and let dry. Next, apply bonding compound and let that dry. Now apply polyester putty. Make sure the putty is applied smoothly; let it dry and then sand.
  • Remove gel from repair kit and apply it using a paint roller. Go about an inch and a half past the repair site when applying. While the gel is still wet after applied, now apply the fiberglass cloth making sure there aren’t any air bubbles. Put on another coat of gel over the cloth and sand till smooth. Then coat with sealant.


Having a crack in your pool doesn’t mean the end to swimming season. With a little hard work and care, it can be repaired in no time.

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