Preventing Spider Cracks in Pools

Although spider cracks in the gel coat of your brand new swimming pool aren’t structural, they just don’t look good. A spider crack looks like its name. It starts out with a center point and then cracks spread out in the shape of a spider web.  So the questions are; what causes spider cracks, and how can they be prevented?

Causes of spider cracks

private-poolA spider crack shows up when pressure on the pool shell on a given point is more than the ability of the gel coat to flex. Because that it can’t flex, it cracks under the pressure. The pressure can be from being made improperly, not being installed properly, or rough handling during shipping. Sometimes if the fiberglass pool shell wasn’t built right, it will crack just by being lifted and shipped. Or if the pool wasn’t stabilized during shipping, cracks can occur when it arrives at the pool site. Or perhaps, the excavation wasn’t done correctly and a tree root pokes through the base causing a crack. Or if your installer is having difficulty getting the pool level and keeps shifting it around, this too can cause cracking. In almost all of these instances, it would be the fault of the manufacturer, and you would ask for a replacement

How to prevent spider cracks

Sometimes being preventive before the pool even gets there is the best answer. Ask the customers of the pool installer you’re planning on using if they’ve had any cracking problems. Ask if the pool was installed in a professional manner too or if there were any problems. Find out what type of material the contractor used as a back filler also and if the hole was dug to the specifications of the manufacturer from customers. If you have a professional pool contractor who knows his job, your problems should be minimal if any. Importantly too, know the specs needed for your pool and keep an eye out to be sure that they are followed.

Fixing spider cracks

If spider cracking does occur and your pool is still under warranty, call the installer. A repair should involve buffing out the cracks and sanding the gelcoat until its smooth again. A new application of gel coat will be applied and your pool will be as good as new. You can also do this yourself if your warranty is up.

If spider cracks are a problem for you, there are solutions!

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