How to Repair Bulging Pool Walls

You’re in your swimming pool floating and just relaxing. You notice something a bit odd on the opposite side of the pool though. You float over to check it out and run your foot across it. The wall in your pool is bulging, looking like a balloon ready to pop! Can this be repaired? Luckily, it can.

How bulges in pools are caused

A fiberglass pool shells are preformed and how they arrive to your home is the shape that they are installed as. This type of pool needs some type of a backfill to hold the shell in place then. The backfill which is used is usually sand. The problem with sand is that if it becomes saturated with water it can turn liquid. This will put an enormous amount of pressure on the sides of your pool walls. If the shell of the pool isn’t strong enough then the pool wall can form a bulge.

On the other hand; in an above ground pool, bulges are formed for different reasons. It can be the pool isn’t level because one end has sunk. Or, ice from the winter cold have added pressure and caused the walls to bulge. Still another reason may be because of rough horseplay in the pool.

How to fix it

With an in ground pool a patch repair may do the trick. First you will need to drain all the water out of the pool. You would have to cut out where the area that bulges is then. You place a piece of  plywood behind where you cut the hole. Next, in the opening, you add polyurethane foam in the hole where the plywood is. The last step is to coat the whole pool with fiberglass coating.

If ground water under the pool is the problem, you can install a sump pump drain system. Here with the ground water problem, the pool’s problems lie between the pool walls and the foundation of sand at the bottom of the pool which is causing the problem because the ground water puts pressure on it causing a pressure imbalance. When you have a have a sump pump drain system installed though, usually at the deep end, it can keep any bulges from developing into more serious cracks.

Now if it’s an above ground pool, here are a couple of common problems with their solutions. If your posts have sunk, empty the pool and place paver blocks under the posts which have sunk to raise everything up. If horseplay was the cause of the bulging, you can fix this by having groups of people use 2×4’s on opposite sides of the pool on its wall, pushing and gently pulling at opposite directions from each other and then once corrected, gently pound back in the post on the side the bulge which was loosened and caused the problem.

If you find a bulge and fix it quickly, you may be able to avoid further problems.

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