Swimming Pools Can Be Green

There are ways when you own a pool to help the environment plus cut down the cost of maintaining a swimming pool. So these few simple tips will help you not only operate your pool more efficiently, but also more environmentally friendly as well.

The pump

skimming-poolThere are different size pool pumps for different size pools. If your pool pump is bigger than it needs to be, then it is also inefficient. So when you purchase your pool pump, calculate the dimensions of your pool against the size of pool pump needed. You may be surprised to find out that you can use a smaller and more efficient pool pump which won’t take as much energy to use.

Also, you may want to think about a pool pump timer. If you calculate how long you need to run the pump so your water is properly circulated, then you can run the pump for a shorter amount of time. Plus, if you set the timer when the electrical rates are lower, you’ll save even more on electricity usage.

Other ways to go green

Another way to go green is to use a pool cover. This will cut down on not only evaporation, but also on having to run your pool heater. By cutting down on the rate of evaporation, you’ll use less water by having to refill your pool less often.

You can also decide to use ultraviolet pool cleaners with chlorine for a more natural based cleaning for large pools. Ultraviolet pool cleaners work by having a sterilizer connected between the pool filter and where the fresh water return line is. This means you need less choline to keep your pool clean and its damaging by-products.

Also, use plants and shrubs that are native to your area, they use less water, to provide a windbreak for your pool. A windbreak will lessen the amount of water the wind can evaporate form your pool. It will also reduce the amount of heat the wind will remove from the surface water.

As always, remember to use a swimming pool cover when your pool isn’t in use. If you use the tips above, you will be a member of the green team!

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