Understanding Your Pool Warranty and Contract

When you buy a swimming pool make sure that you completely understand your pool warranty and contract. If not, you may receive a shock when something goes wrong, and you didn’t understand what wasn’t included in the warranty. You need to read carefully and decipher who is covering what because sometimes it may be the company and sometimes it may be the dealer. So what is and isn’t covered under a standard warranty or contract?

What may be covered under warranty/contract?

Some of the parts which are covered under a warranty or contract are:

  • The structural part of the pool which would include the reinforcements, the actual concrete and the integrity of structural walls.
  • The equipment would be covered such as the pumps, the heaters, the filtering system and the skimmers.
  • Under the plumbing part of the contract the gas hookups, piping and the plumbing of the pool. Also, the workmanship on the electrical hookup and any materials used.

What may not be covered under the warranty/contract?

You may be surprised to find out what isn’t covered under your warranty. If your pool becomes cracked, chipped, discolored or effervescence; it usually isn’t covered by the warranty. Also, if the concrete deck raises or settles it most likely isn’t covered either. Believe it or not, if the plaster in your swimming pool becomes discolored or stained, this will be blamed on chemicals being used improperly, the condition of your local water or the pool not being cleaned properly. So it won’t be repaired or replaced usually under the contract.

When you are purchasing your pool, sit down with the company builder who’s building it and ask him or her to go over, step by step, your warranty and contract. Have the builder explain what each part of the warranty will or will not cover. Make sure you know who covers what parts on your warranty and what is covered by whom under the contract. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for explanations when something isn’t clear to you. It’s your money.

Simply put, when you understand your pool warranty and contract, you’ll know not only who to call; but whether it’s covered when something goes wrong.

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