How to Reduce Evaporation in Swimming Pools

Evaporation in a swimming pool is a common occurrence and is an expensive one too. When water evaporates then you are increasing your water bill by having to add new water to raise the levels in your pool. Now by not using a pool cover, you can lose more than half the water in your pool over the course of a year. When using a cover it can reduce the evaporation rate as much as 90 to 95% though. So normally an 18’x36’ swimming pool, in about a week, will lose water at about an inch a week. The total loss of water over a year can be as high as 7,000 gallons which is money literally vanishing into thin air.

A pool cover can also do more than help reduce water evaporation. It can also reduce the use of large amounts of chemicals, plus help to reduce the growth of algae. A cover can also reduce heating costs too by helping to conserve heat already in the pool.

Different types of pool covers

There are different types of pool covers. Some cover options and how they work are listed below:

  • Pool covers: These are a little more expensive and will require having to use a roller for storage. They are a little time consuming to take out and then roll away because they do cover the whole pool. But, when the pool cover is used, the extra safety feature is that it’s difficult for anyone to fall into the pool.
  • Pool blankets: These are a little more affordable and come in foam or bubble plastic. Both float on the surface of the water. You can use these with a roller which is removed before using the pool. Or it can be manually removed and then spread back out after the pool is closed for the day.
  • Liquid pool covers: This is a new form of pool cover, but in a liquid form. Evaporation is inhibited about 40% by the chemical which forms a barrier on the surface. You can either use an automatic metering system or apply it by hand daily.

As you can see there are choices on keeping evaporation at a controllable level in your swimming pool; you just have to decide what choice fits you best.

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