Hot Days and Cool Swimming Pools

People usually buy a pool to enjoy during those long hot summer days. However; sometimes when it’s really hot outside, your swimming pool also has warm water on the inside. Not necessarily very refreshing is it? So how would you cool water in your pool on a hot day?

Using a Pool Chiller

cool-nights-swimmingThere are options for keeping your pool cool even on the hottest of days. For example, by using a heat-cool pool heater, you can not only heat your pool on cold days; but cool your pool on hot days. A heat-cool pump works because it has a reversing cycle. This cycle allows the heat pump to not only remove cold water and put back in warm water, but it also removes warm water and puts back in cold water. It works by taking the heated water out of the pool, moving it to the Freon where it goes through the evaporator coil. The coil then releases the heated air from the process outside. Because the heat-cool pool heater is equipped with an active defrost, it will also heat the pool when the temperature is colder on the outside of the water as opposed to a heat only unit too. This helps to extend the swimming season longer if there are a lot of variations in temperatures between day and night.

An interesting thought

The thought of cooling water in a swimming pool doesn’t occur to many pool owners, so this idea may come as a surprise to some. What to keep in mind though is that once you have installed a regular heat pump, you can’t add the cooler feature later, so it needs to be installed at the time you either change your pump system or are installing your pool. A chiller/cooler heat pump usually is about $1000 more than a heat pump without the cooler, but the extra expense is worth it if you can afford it for pool lovers. An information fact too is that any pool which is less than 6.5’ deep; and is tinted, has the possibility of becoming too warm during hot summer days.

So to keep your pool cool on a hot day, you just need to install a heat-cool pump for a longer more enjoyable swimming pool season.


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