How to Extend the Life of Your Swimming Pool Toys

Swimming pool toys make the pool more fun, especially for children. Some fun toys include pool noodles, floats, balls, dive toys and many other items. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on pool toys over the years. When you buy toys for parties and visitors every year, you’ve made a significant investment in swimming pool toys. You can preserve your investment by taking care of the toys you’ve purchased.

pool-toys-girlOne of the keys to longer-life pool toys is to buy high quality swimming pool items. Cheap toys and floats will fall apart quickly. For example, when you’re looking at noodles, check the construction. Some have a looser construction, which means they will fall apart faster than those with tighter construction. Avoid flimsy, thin floats and other discount toys if you want them to last over time.

What else can you do to take care of swimming pool toys? Most tips are simple. Take the toys out of the pool when you’re not using them. Rinse them off with clean water. Drain the water off of floats and other toys that fill up with water while in use. If you leave the toys in the swimming pool over a long period of time, the chlorine can damage them which can shorten their lifetime.

Keep your pool toys out of the strong sunlight when you aren’t using them. Most people find a storage bin or other area to place their swimming pool toys when they are out of use. The sunlight can fade the toys. This can have a detrimental effect. The colors in the toy can begin to fade. The material may show signs of wear and floats can rip or develop holes more quickly. If you leave them outside too long and it rains for a long time, your toys can mold which can permanently damage them.

When you close your pool for the summertime, take the pool toys inside and store them. Dry them off before you store them so that they won’t mold. Never leave pool toys outside all winter. They may develop holes, rip, dry out or get damaged in other ways.

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