Pet Pool Safety

If you have pets, especially dogs, they may spend time near your swimming pool, especially when you’re swimming. Sometimes, your pets may even join you in the swimming pool especially if you have a water dog like a Labrador. However, pet safety is critical. Pets, just like people, need to be safe around water. Animal accidents happen in swimming pools all the time. Dogs, even proven good swimmers, drown and others like French Bulldogs are known to sink like an anchor.

dog-swimmingIf you have a dog that is interested in getting into the water, consider swimming lessons and a life vest for canines. Don’t assume that your dog can naturally swim. Dogs can panic in the water just like people. Lessons are worth it because swimming is a great way for a dog to exercise. They can get into shape and lose weight. It’s also good exercise for older dogs because it’s easy on their muscles and joints. It can also be therapeutic for injured animals or ones with hips issues. You can ask the dog’s physical therapist to train you on how to help your dog do exercises in the swimming pool.

Swimming pool covers are a serious issue. Floating covers can pose serious drowning issues for children and animals. They can fall on the pool cover and quickly become confused and disoriented. Animals don’t understand what the pool cover is and accidents happen because covers are often the same color as the pool water. It’s best to purchase a safety cover which fits over the entire surface of the swimming pool. This type of pool cover is anchored securely into place and will prevent people and animals from falling in the pool.

Did you know that there are tools for keeping dogs safe around pools? You can purchase ramps that make it easier for dogs to climb in and out of the water. Some are specially tailored for smaller dogs. Another tool that’s important for animal and human safety is surface alarms. These alarms alert you when the surface of the pool has been disturbed. You’ll know that someone has entered the pool unexpectedly. Of course, the most important tool when it comes to pet pool safety is supervision. You should always monitor your pet carefully when it is near the water. If necessary, keep your pet away from the swimming pool if you think an accident is likely.

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