The Difference Between In-ground Spas and Above-ground Jacuzzis

Spas and above-ground jacuzzis are popular ways to relax at home. They are also affordable options and require much less care and space than a swimming pool. They are available in a wide range of sizes that can fit almost any budget and space. Most have seating options for two, four, six and even eight people. When you decide to purchase a spa or jacuzzi, you may wonder about the difference between an above-ground spa and a jazcuzzi.

spaAn above-ground spa provides heat, bubbles and may also have jets which make the water active. Above-ground spas are less costly than in-ground models and can be placed anywhere in the yard. Many people choose to place them close to the entrance of the home so they can get in and out quickly when the weather is cold. One of the advantages above ground spas is that they are less costly to run than an in-ground spa. A disadvantage of an above-ground spa is that it requires a heavy spa cover that typically needs two people to lift. However, you can purchase a cover lifter that makes lifting much simpler.

In-ground spas have their own advantages and disadvantages. They can be very attractive and blend in nicely with the style of your backyard. They can cost significantly more to purchase and install than above-ground jacuzzis. While above-ground jacuzzis stay at a stable temperature like swimming pools, in-ground spas typically need to be pre-heated. Spas are often located near the swimming pool as an attractive water feature.

In-ground spas require more maintenance that above-ground jacuzzis. However, many people choose the in-ground option when they are not interested in year-round use. They typically only use the spa when their swimming pool is in use. The spa has bench seating and usually has between five and fifteen jets.  In-ground spas cost only slightly more to run than an above-ground jacuzzi and since they aren’t usually open all year, the cost can be lower.

When you’re trying to decide between an in-ground spa and an above-ground jacuzzi, you should consider your preferences. Do you want to run it all year or just during the swimming season? Are you looking for something that adds aesthetic beauty or something you can use all year to relax and enjoy with family and friends? The answer to these questions will help you decide between an above-ground spa and an above-ground jacuzzi.

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