How to Prevent Scale from Building up on Your Boulders

Many people add a special decorative touch to their swimming pools by creating waterfalls or adding decorative touches with boulders. These give the pool a natural feel and add a distinctive touch to the swimming pool. Even though rocks are commonly found near water, the boulders in your swimming pool still need maintenance. They may look fine above the water, but underneath, scale is building up and will become visible over time.

rock-scaleYou should maintain your boulders and other decorative treatments just like you take care of your pool all year long. Decorative elements need to be maintained when you start up the swimming pool the first time, when it is opened in the spring and when it winterized. You’ll also need to take care of your boulders as a part of your ongoing swimming pool maintenance. It’s a good idea to pay special attention to these elements any time there is an unusual weather event like a rainstorm or hail. If you have more than the usual number swimmers, treat the pool and your boulders at the same time.

What is scale and how does it develop on boulders? Scale is the buildup of inorganic materials, usually calcium, on swimming pool surfaces like ceramic tile, plaster, stone and fiberglass. You might notice it as a white film around the water line of the pool. The scale begins to develop when the calcium levels in the pool get too high. It’s important to test your water regularly to ensure that the pH level is appropriate so that the calcium level doesn’t get too high. This will help prevent scale development. You should also brush the sides of your pool and your boulders regularly to prevent scale from building up.

If you do develop a problem with scale, you should treat it immediately before it gets out of hand. You’ll need a product that can both prevent and remove stains below the waterline in the swimming pool. It should also remove scale and calcium buildup. There are products that can produce results in as quickly as 48 hours and are easy to use. Look for a product that is both non-hazardous and effective.

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