How Plaster and Pebbles Affect Your Water Temperature

Pebble can be a beautiful finish for your swimming pool. Many people love the look of pebble and the different color patterns these surfaces provides. Modern pebble swimming pools don’t have rough surfaces and aren’t scratchy on bare feet. You’ll need to adjust your water treatments for pebble surfaces. Most swimming pool supply stores have products targeted towards maintaining pebble surfaces. Keep in mind that pebble pools require thorough, regular cleaning so that scale and staining does not develop.

pebbletecPlaster linings are also a popular choice among swimming pool owners. Plaster can be installed for lower cost than pebble linings. People have different opinions about whether plaster or pebble pools are more attractive. Some people prefer plaster because it is available in lighter colors than pebble. It’s possible to install lighting that reflects off of the plaster which can produce a very attractive effect. They are also more familiar with plaster swimming pools so they are more likely to purchase them.

When you heat your pool, it will affect your water chemistry. You will have to monitor this closely when it comes to a pebble pool because the pebbles can stain and develop scale if the chemistry is out of whack. It’s just as important to monitor the chemistry in a plaster pool. Plaster can develop scale as well and heating. Test your water on a regular basis and make sure the pH, in particular, is in balance. This will help you keep your pool in good shape and prevent scale, algae and other problems from developing.

Water temperature is an important part of keeping swimmers comfortable. Heating pebble swimming pools provide a few difficulties. In many cases, pebble swimming pools are not as well insulated as plaster swimming pools which have a smooth, uninterrupted liner which prevents heat from escaping. This means that they can be more expensive to heat than traditional plaster pools. However, you may be able to purchase an insulated liner that goes underneath the pebble. This can help prevent the heat loss that you would typically experience with a pebble pool.

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