When Should You Backwash Your Pool?

If you have a sand filter for your swimming pool, you have to backwash it on a routine basis. This is an advantage over other types of filters because you don’t actually have to take out filter cartridges and remove them yourself. However, it’s important that you backwash the pool routinely to keep your filter running properly.

When you backwash a filter, you are using the swimming pool water to rinse all the debris and dirt out of your sand filter. After you have completed backwashing, the water is then discharged out of the system through a hose. Depending on local regulations, you may have to discharge the water into a drain, your yard or other area.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASwimming pool owners are often confused about how often they need to backwash. Some people think it simply needs to be done on a schedule such as every other day or every third day. This can be a mistake. You should actually backwash your pool based on the pressure of your filter which can vary based on a number of factors. If your pool gets particularly dirty due to storms or a large number of swimmers, your filter may have to work extra hard and you’ll need to backwash more often. When you vacuum your swimming pool, you’ll need to backwash afterwards. If your pool is extremely dirty, you may need to backwash several times during the process.

The key to knowing when to backwash is the pressure on the filter. Your filter manual will have a guide and you can also ask your pool servicing company for advice. Most will advise that you backwash your pool when the pressure on the gauge reaches between 8 and 10 psi past the starting level.

Your filter manual will have specific instructions on how to backwash properly. If you’re a first time swimming pool owner, ask the installer or a pool service company to walk you through the process. You can damage the filter. The process is fairly simple but there are several options on the valves and it’s a good idea to get some professional guidance.

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