The Importance of a Water Auto Leveler

Swimming pools lose water on a regular basis. It’s just a basic fact that every pool owner has to deal with. Water evaporates everywhere. In some regions, it evaporates more quickly than others. Some swimming pool owners slow down the process of evaporation with pool covers, but some evaporation is inevitable. Sun and wind contribute to water loss. When swimmers splash in the pool, the water level drops. When a lot of people are in the swimming pool, the water loss can be dramatic.

swimming-poolTypically, swimming pool owners have to constantly check the level of the pool to make sure it is adequate. When it isn’t, they have to put a hose in the water to increase the level. A pool can take a long time to get to the right level. The owner has to either wait for hours for the pool to fill or leave and risk overfilling the pool.

Why is the water level so important? One of the most important swimming pool parts is your pool’s pump. It depends on a certain water level to run properly. When the water level is slightly low, the pump won’t work as well. If your pool pump runs dry, the motor can be severely damaged which can involve costly repairs. The pump may even need to be replaced. Pool pumps are extremely expensive.

What does a water auto leveler do? It does exactly what it sounds like. It keeps the level of water in your swimming pool or spa at a consistent level. The leveler works with the same kind of hose that you use to fill your pool manually. The levelers are simple to use and install.

The advantage of an auto leveler is that you don’t have to track the level of your water yourself. You don’t have to constantly check the water level of your swimming pool or spa yourself all the time. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend time waiting for your pool to fill when the water level is low. A water auto leveler can be a life-saver when you are traveling because you don’t have to worry about your pool pump going dry.

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