The Advantages of a Salt Water Pool

You might not be familiar with a salt water swimming pool. These are pools that are an alternative to chlorine pools. These types of swimming pools have been in existence for decades but many people aren’t familiar with them. Recently, people have become more interested in salt water pools and are curious about the advantages of these types of pools over chlorine pools. Do these pools sanitize the water properly? Are they difficult to maintain?

private-spaA salt water pool works by using dissolved salt. It uses a chlorine generator which may be referred to as a salt generator, salt chlorinator or a salt cell. The generator uses a process referred to as electrolysis with dissolved salt to produce sodium hypochlorite and hyphochlorous acid. These are the exact same sanitizing tools that are used in swimming pools. Technically, the pool isn’t free of chlorine. However, the chlorine is in a pure form.

When you own a chlorine swimming pool, you have to add chlorine to the pool on a regular basis. One of the advantages of a salt water pool is that they deliver pure chlorine on a constant basis. You do not need to add chlorine yourself. Another advantage of salt water swimming pools is that they are far less expensive to maintain than traditional chlorine pools. When you have a traditional chlorine pool, you have to purchase and add the chlorine yourself. Chlorine can be costly to purchase. A salt water pool generates its own chlorine so you won’t have the expense of purchasing chlorine yourself. The steady flow of chlorine from the salt water pool’s generator will keep the chlorine levels in the water consistent so that you won’t have to constantly test and adjust it. There will be costs in the beginning to convert your pool to salt water, but in the long run, you will save money.

Some people are sensitive to the chlorine in swimming pools. It irritates their skin and eyes, especially if the pool owner doesn’t balance the chlorine properly. The good news is that people are much less sensitive to the salt water than they are to chlorine. The salt water will cause far less itchy skin, eye irritation and dry hair and skin.

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