What Causes Itchy Skin after Swimming?

What causes itchy skin after spending time in the swimming pool? Most people automatically blame dry skin on the effects of chlorine but this is not necessarily the case unless the swimming pool owner has not balanced the chemicals correctly. If the swimming pool chemicals are out of whack, it can cause a number of problems including itchy skin and dry eyes. You can easily tell if the swimming pool has too much chlorine because the smell will be strong. A well-balanced pool shouldn’t have a strong chlorine smell. If the swimming pool water is out of balance, you should avoid it because your skin is very likely to itch. If it’s your own pool, balance the water appropriately before you get in.

??????????????????????????It seems intuitive that water would moisturize your skin. Ironically, the thing that dries out skin the most is spending time in water. It can strip skin of its natural moisturizers. This can easily lead to itching. If you plan on sending a lot of time in the swimming pool over the summer, you’ll probably have a lot of a fun. You’ll just have to make an extra effort to take care of your skin. Many people find that using oatmeal baths and aloe vera make a big difference.

If you are particularly prone to dry skin, try a pre-swim lotion. If it’s your swimming pool, you may need to treat the pool for oil which is often the case anyway if you have multiple swimmers. Babies and small children can react to any type of chemical because their skin is extremely sensitive. It’s a good idea to bathe them immediately after swimming and cover them with moisturizer.

Dry skin can be another culprit when it comes to itching. Most people spend a lot of time out in the sun during the summer months. The sun can dry out your skin quickly. It’s important to use a good sunscreen. If you’re particularly prone to dry skin, use a moisturizing sunscreen. Take a shower after swimming to rinse any chlorine and sunscreen off of your skin and use a good moisturizer.

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  • James on February 24th, 2015

    Another good trick is to pre-wet your hair and skin in the shower, then swim..
    This trick is especially helpful for blonds worrying about the copper in the water turning their hair green. Pre-wetting helps that.

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