What Should I Do Regularly to Maintain a Healthy Pool?

There are many different things you need to do to take care of a swimming pool. At times, it can seem overwhelming. However, if you perform certain tasks regularly, it will help you stay on track with your swimming pool. If you keep up with your schedule, your swimming pool will be simpler to take care of over the long term.

You should create a daily swimming pool checklist so that you can keep track of all the things you need to do on a regular basis. Many people write down these jobs on a calendar so they can remember what they need to do and when.

  • First, always run your pool filter on a daily basis based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will help keep your pool free of debris.
  • Look at the water. Is it clean? What color is the water? Can you see debris or other problems with the water such as algae growth? If the water doesn’t look right, you will need to test the water to identify the problem and treat it.
  • You should have a thermometer in your water. Check the temperature on a daily basis. If the temperature drops dramatically, it means that your pool pump needs to be backwashed. It may be that the debris basket on the pump is full. If so, empty the debris basket and backwash the filter until the water runs clean.

There are other tasks you should perform weekly. It’s a good idea to mark them on your calendar. You may need to perform them more regularly if you are having pool problems, there have frequent storms in the area or you have had a lot of swimmers in your pool.

  • The skimmer basket and pump basket need to be emptied. You may need to do this more often if your swimming pool has a lot of debris after a large storm.
  • Test and adjust various levels including alkalinity, stabilizer levels and oxidizer levels.
  • Brush the sides of the swimming pool, including stairs.
  • Backwash the pool if the filter pressure indicates that backwashing is necessary.
  • Check to see if your water level is at the right level.
  • Add algaecide to prevent the growth of algaecide if necessary.
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