Maintaining Swimming Pools During the Winter

The swimming pool cover is one of the most important parts of maintaining your pool during the winter. Your cover should protect the pool and keep debris and dirty water from slipping into the pool. Also, the better you maintain the cover, the longer it will last. Pool covers are a significant investment and you should take care of them to make sure you get the most for your money.

Always keep a close eye on your swimming pool cover during the winter. If you have a mesh cover, this is especially important. You should regularly check the weights around the perimeter of the pool. Most people have weighted water bags around the swimming pool. Ensure that the bags are full and that they are still in place. If they move or lose water, the swimming pool cover could begin to slip and debris could fall into the swimming pool. The pool cover could also begin to stretch and this could lead to rips or holes.

Another issue that could lead to excessive wear and tear on a on a pool cover is excess water and ice. You should use a pool pump to drain water when it builds up. Often, rain accumulates in the autumn. Drain this water off before it freezes. During the winter, try to remove pieces of ice to reduce the weight on the pool cover. Don’t lean too far over the pool or you might fall. Anytime the ice melts, drain the water you can off of the cover.

Many people opt to put a leaf net on top off their regular pool cover. These leaf nets can catch pine cones, leaves, pine needles and other debris that pile up on top of the cover. You can remove the leaf net on regular basis to take the weight of debris off of the pool cover.

Inspect the water in your swimming pool regularly. Pull back the cover slightly and examine the water. You should look for scaling or staining. Also, check the water’s chemical balance every two to three weeks. If the water is out of balance or you notice problems, bring a water sample to your local pool company. They can give you advice on how to resolve water problems so that they don’t get out of hand before springtime.

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