Selecting a Winter Pool Cover

A winter pool cover for your swimming pool is a great investment. It helps you keep debris out of the pool throughout the autumn, winter and spring months. This is especially helpful when autumn leaves start falling. They can quickly cause problems in your swimming pool. Covers also play an important role in terms of preventing algae growth. Most have backings that prevent algae from growing. They can be very effective when paired with a winter algaecide.

Mesh winter swimming pool covers are a popular choice because they are cost-efficient and effective. You can find these covers in a variety of sizes. If your swimming pool size is atypical, you can often find custom covers to fit your pool. They are typically made in round, oval and rectangular shapes. You can find mesh covers that have cutouts for ladders in various locations on the pool.

pool-coverMesh covers need to be held in place over the season. Most people use bags that are filled with water to secure the cover. The bags should be placed approximately every four feet around the perimeter of the pool. You should check the bags regularly to ensure that they are full and holding down the cover. Also, check to ensure that the cover isn’t slipping because that will allow debris to fall into the water and cause problems when you open the pool in the spring.

If you have problems with leaves and debris, consider adding a leaf catcher to place on-top of your swimming pool cover. Leaves quickly become heavy as they build up on the cover. As they absorb water, they can make your winter cover sag. These help you collect the leaves and remove them easily. You can do this several times throughout the year to keep leaves and other debris from piling up on top of your pool cover. The mesh net is simple to remove and replace. If you purchase a mesh cover, you have choices in terms of quality. Pool covers come in a variety of quality levels. Mesh covers may be covered by warranties. Typically, when the quality is high and the warranty is long, you will pay more for the cover.

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