The Importance of Regular Backwashing

Swimming pool owners have options when it comes to filters, but one of the most popular choices is a sand filter. It’s simple to deal with and the maintenance costs tend to be lower than cartridge filters. They are efficient and affordable. One of the advantages of having a sand filter for your swimming pool is that you do not have to manually clean the pum like you’d need to with a cartridge filter. The sand filter uses the water from your swimming pool to remove debris and dirt from the sand filter.

You’ll find that if the pressure gets too high on your sand filter pump, the heater won’t work as well as it does at a lower pressure. In some cases, it shuts off completely. Most experts recommend that you backwash your filter when the pressure gauge rises to around 8 to 10 psi over the original pressure. You should also backwash your filter after a large storm to ensure that all the debris is removed. You should check your swimming pool filter every day or so. This will help you get acquainted with your filter and how it works. Then, you will know how often to backwash in most cases.

There are many times that it’s critical to backwash the filter. When you vacuum the pool, you may need to backwash frequently depending on how dirty your pool is. You’ll know it’s time to backwash when you lose suction. When you’re opening your pool, you’ll find that frequent backwashing is necessary due to chemical treatments. If you’re treating a serious algae problem, backwashing is an important part of the process. Carefully read the instructions on any chemical treatments you use on the pool. If you backwash too soon after a chemical

kids-partyIf you host a party with several people, you should treat the swimming pool with extra chemicals and backwash once the chemicals have had a chance to work on the pool. When you backwash the swimming pool filter, you’ll have wastewater. Many people use this wastewater to water their gardens. This is especially popular in drought-prone areas.

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