How Long Can You Extend Your Pool Season?

It’s typical for most people to open their swimming pool around Memorial Day and close the pool near Labor Day. This is typical because these time frames fit the prime weather for swimming. It’s also common because many people open pools for their children who are typically out of school during the summer.

happy cute  girl toddler swimming underwaterYou can actually extend your swimming season quite a bit. It’s possible to open your swimming pool early and close the pool later than usual. You can make your season longer by weeks or even months if you take care of the pool properly. The number one thing you need to focus on is keeping your pool warm. There are a variety of techniques to help you keep the temperature pleasant.

First, you can invest in a solar cover which serves several purposes. First, it helps keeps the heat from escaping from the swimming pool. Next, a solar cover can use the sun to help heat the pool whenever possible. Finally, the solar cover keeps debris out of the pool which can cut down on your chemical treatment needs. You also won’t have to vacuum nearly as much. Solar rings are an alternative to solar covers. These can work well when only one person is available to uncover the pool. Solar rings are simple to inflate, place and remove. A further advantage of solar covers and solar rings is that they will prevent water from evaporating and help you stabilize the chemicals in your swimming pool.

Another way to keep your swimming pool warm during early spring and late autumn is to heat the pool. Keep in mind that you should always use a solar cover in conjunction with a heater because they help to retain the heat. Otherwise, the heat will immediately escape and your heating bills will be extremely expensive. There is more than one type of heater. You can use solar, gas or heat pumps to warm the water. Solar heaters work best with above ground pools and will give you better results in a location with a lot of sunshine. Heat pumps work best in areas where the temperature stays above 60 degrees. Gas heaters can extend the swimming pool season dramatically by raising your pool temperature to a comfortable level.

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