Managing Clutter around the Swimming Pool

If you have children in your home or host lots of swimmers, the area around your swimming pool can quickly become cluttered. Towels, toys, floats, goggles, cleaning equipment, lifejackets and swimsuits can create a mess around your pool area. If you’re tired of dealing with the same mess day after day, consider implementing some clutter management tools.

pool full of toysConsider purchasing some large storage bins with covers to place near the swimming pool. You can use these to store toys and other gear. Find a well-made bin that has a tightly fitting lid. This will protect the contents from sun, rain and other weather elements. You can purchase smaller binds with drawers to store smaller items like goggles.

Safety experts recommend that pool owners keep emergency items such as phones, rescue equipment and first aid supplies near the swimming pool. It’s a good idea to store safety items like rescue rings and first aid kits in the same place so that you can access them quickly. You can place them all in the same bin and clearly label it so it’s easy to find in case of an emergency.

You need lots of towels around a swimming pool. You can store clean towels inside or in a storage bin. However, clean towels aren’t usually the cause of the most clutter. Wet towels are the problem. They collect around the swimming pool, on the ground, on chairs and on tables. If they are left out in the open to dry, they can start to mold, fade or age quickly. Towels that are left out for a long time can also be a hiding place for wasps and other pests.

How can you manage the clutter caused by towels around the swimming pool? One way is to find an attractive drying rack and place it under the porch or in a sheltered area near the pool. Make sure the drying rack is visible to swimmers and remind them to use it. You can also put up hooks near the pool where swimmers can hang individual towels. They can also hang their swimsuits out to dry in the same area.

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