Supervising Teenagers Around Pools

Most people know that they need to closely supervise small children when they’re near a swimming pool. However, it’s less commonly known that teenagers need supervision as well. They often get into situations that involve serious safety risks. Because of their age, they often think of themselves as invincible. The reality is that a teenager can get into just as much trouble as a toddler near a swimming pool. Knowledge about common risks and constant supervision can prevent accidents and injuries in the water.

Teenagers often experiment with alcohol without understanding the consequences it poses in a swimming pool. Teenagers are typically inexperienced with drinking and often drink far too much too quickly. Alcohol in a swimming pool is unsafe at any age, but teenagers tend to be more reckless than adults. Alcohol affects judgment and reaction time which increases the chances of an accident near a swimming pool. If teenagers are using your pool, check regularly to make sure they aren’t drinking or using illegal substances.

Older children and teenagers sometimes play rough in the water. They may try to dunk each other or push each other into the pool. While these games sound harmless, they can lead to accidents. If someone is dunked too long, he or she may panic and hurt others. They can also inhale water. If someone is under water too long, drowning is a possibility.

jump splashing poolPushing someone into a swimming pool sounds harmless because it so common. Unfortunately, if someone is pushed into shallow water, he or she can be severely injured. There have been cases of people ending up paralyzed because they were pushed into shallow water. Divers run similar risks. They can injure their heads, necks and spinal cords if they dive into shallow water.

If teenagers are visiting your home, let them know the rules for your swimming pool and tell them they must abide by the rules or they will have to leave. Although teenagers seem independent, you will still need to supervise them carefully. Constant monitoring will significantly reduce the risk of accidents and bad decisions. You can also ensure safety by having water rescue devices handy.

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