How to Support Your Children While They are Learning to Swim

Children need support from both instructors and other adults while learning to swim. There are many things you can do to support a learning swimmer. Ask the child’s swimming instructor for advice on what your child should practice in the swimming pool. A good instructor can give you specific tips. He or she may recommend practicing specific strokes or exercises that will build your child’s endurance.

Child learning to swimThere are a variety of tools you can use to help your child in the swimming pool. Kickboards will help them practice their kicks. Water noodles can also serve the same function. They float so children can practice kicking skills. Water noodles are also great for swimming pool fun. Many people use diving rings in the swimming pool to help children improve their underwater swimming skills. Goggles are also helpful. Children are much more comfortable putting their heads underwater if they have well-fitting goggles.

You can help your child improve kicks by pointing his or her toes and lifting the legs higher. If your child is working on a back float or backstroke, supporting the back while the child practices will help improve his or her strokes. Make sure the child lifts his or her arms high and keeps them close to their head. For freestyle strokes, encourage children to raise their arms high and use the proper breathing techniques. It’s a good idea to consult the instructor on specific swimming strokes.

Be patient with your child. If you push children too hard, they will get frustrated and may have setbacks. Never force children into the deep end of the swimming pool if they aren’t ready. The same thing applies to diving boards. When children are ready, they will be excited to jump into the water from a diving board or the side of the swimming pool. Play with children in the water so they become more comfortable and learn to enjoy the pool. One of the most important parts of learning to swim is learning to enjoy the water. Kids should have time to play in the pool as well as practice their strokes.

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