The Disadvantages of Opening your Pool without Professional Assistance

There are always costs involved in opening your swimming pool. You need a variety of chemicals to get the pool up and running. Most people have a professional swimming pool company come out to get the pool prepared, turn on the pump and make sure all of the pool is operating properly.

If you know your pool well, it’s tempting to try to open the pool on your own to save money. There are a variety of reasons that this is not a good idea. First, it’s easy to make a mistake. You need to find and remove all the winter plugs which can be hard to find. If you don’t prime the pump properly, it won’t work. The filter system is complex and requires several steps to get it working. When you have a professional company open your swimming pool, they can usually perform the task much more quickly than you’ll be able to.

Another advantage of having a professional open your swimming pool is that they can check the equipment properly. Over the years, filter and heater parts can crack or otherwise degrade. The pump or filter may have a leak that needs attention.  A technician can carefully check for all potential issues so that you can resolve problems before they get worse. The technician will also clean your filter thoroughly. Unless you understand pool parts very well, you may miss some of the problems or details that a technician will notice. You don’t have to have the pool company visit every day or even every week. They can give you tips to follow up on after the pool is opened.

If you would like to reduce the costs involved in opening your swimming pool, talk with your pool company. Many times, they will reduce the charge if you remove the winter cover yourself. You can also reduce the costs by closing the pool properly. Your water will be in better shape and require less chemical treatment in the spring if the right chemicals are used when the pool is closed. Another way to reduce costs is to have a strong winter cover. Weaker covers allow debris to slip into the swimming pool and cause chemical balance issues.

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