How to Make the Area Around Your Pool Stand Out

If you are like most people with swimming pools, you spend a lot of time outdoors. You may also invite of people over for informal gatherings during the swimming season. The area around your swimming pool makes an impression on guests so it’s worth taking the time to make it stand out.

You should trim back all the branches around the area so that people can walk around all sides of the swimming pool. You should also sweep away debris like dead flowers, pine needles, pine cones and dead leaves. Not only do these look unattractive, they can also blow into the pool and create a mess.

Modern backyardTables and chairs not only provide comfort but they can create an attractive appearance around the pool. Most pool owners have a combination of standard, upright chairs and lounge chairs. Upright chairs are better suited for eating and socializing while lounge chairs are for relaxing around the swimming pool. The designs and colors of the chairs can make the area look attractive. Chair cushions come in a wide variety of colors and designs that can decorate your yard area. You can mix and match colors and patterns to make an impression.

Many outdoor tables have umbrellas. You can purchase umbrellas that complement the color of the chairs and other décor. Try to coordinate your furniture with the colors of your pool lining if possible. This will make the appearance more harmonious. Consider alternatives to conventional chairs and tables. Benches have become more popular. You can set up picnic benches around the pool which give the area a unique look. Picnic tables are also a fun option for children.

Plants and flowers are part of the décor of your yard. You can purchase decorative pots and plant flowers or local plants and place the pots throughout the yard. If you are fond of birds, you can put up interesting bird houses and bird baths around the yard as attractive accessories. Don’t put bird houses too close to the swimming pool, however, because if the birds are startled, they may defecate in the area.

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