Romantic Dates by the Pool

A romantic swimming pool date is a fun and inexpensive way to spend some quality time together. It can be inexpensive and there are lots of creative things you can do. If you spend some time and effort setting up for the date, you will have a fun romantic evening.

romance-poolsideIt’s important to create a romantic setting. Light is one way to do this. You can float lit candles in the water to add some romantic ambiance. These work nicely if you follow a few key guidelines. First, buy large candles. Small ones will burn out fast. Turn off the motor on your swimming pool filter so the water doesn’t move as much. This will help your candles last longer. If you don’t want to use floating candles, try putting up torch lights around the swimming pool area or light a pathway with flameless candles to give it a pleasant glow.

An evening dip in the swimming pool is great provided the water is warm. Check the temperature and consider turning the heat up if the evening will be cool. Put towels close to the swimming pool because if the air is cold, it will feel extremely cold when you get out of the water. Also, turn on the pool lights because it can get dark quickly.

Music helps set a romantic tone. If you don’t have outside music, you can put speakers in the window to broadcast music into the yard. Many mobile phones and portable technology devices are loud enough to play music for two. Devices are often compatible with small speakers that can broadcast music at an appropriate volume.

Serve a romantic dinner by the swimming pool. Make one of your partner’s favorite foods if possible. Buy a bottle of wine that suits the season and the meal you’re serving. Serve a multi-course meal with appetizers, salad, a main course and desserts to make your partner feel pampered. You can easily serve an elaborate meal at home for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal. Focus on romantic desserts like berries and cream, chocolate covered strawberries, small cakes and chocolates. Monitor food temperatures carefully. Most food should be served immediately or kept chilled so that it doesn’t develop bacteria. It’s also important to make sure desserts and other treats don’t melt.

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