Yard Work You Should Complete Before Opening Your Pool

Opening your swimming pool at the beginning of the season is a big job. There are some yard work jobs you can do ahead of time to make the process easier. Some simple projects will help you keep debris out of your pool so you can focus on clearing the water and getting the chemicals balanced. Before you take the cover off your swimming pool, complete some basic projects so debris doesn’t get into the water.

pool-landscapingThe most important thing you can do is clear up all the yard debris around the swimming pool area. Over the winter months, many items collect on the ground. If you have pine trees, pine needles and pine cones will collect around the trees and blow over the yard. Other type leaves will fall on the ground. Trash may have blown into your yard over the winter months. You may find other debris such as sticks, dead plants, dead bugs and other items that need to be swept up and disposed of. It may take a few days to clean up all this debris, but you’ll be glad you took the time before you open your swimming pool.

Weeds will start to crop up quickly in the spring. Use a safe weed killer and remove the dead weeds before they have a chance to take over your yard. You will need to treat the weeds throughout the season but if you attack them early, they won’t grow as rapidly. Trim back trees and bushes so that the leaves won’t fall into the swimming pool as they grow. If the trees and bushes are extremely overgrown, consider hiring a professional to trim them back.

As a final step, thoroughly sweep the area one last time. This will get rid of the remaining dirt that could blow into your swimming pool. Getting this yard work done will help you keep your pool clean during the upcoming season. When debris falls in the pool, it makes more work for you in the long term. You’ll need to vacuum more often and clean your equipment more often. Cleaning your yard won’t just save you work, it will improve the appearance of the area.

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