Techniques for Keeping Your Pool Water Warm

If your swimming pool is cold, it won’t be tempting to swimmers. It won’t be used often and you’ll get less value for the time and money you’ve put into maintaining it. In some parts of the country, the water warms itself easily. However, in other climates, the nights are cool and a warm pool can quickly get cold. Once the heat is lost, it takes a lot of time and effort from your heater to get the water back to the right temperature. There are a variety of ways to heat a swimming pool. Combining techniques is the best way to keep your swimming pool water warm.

There are many types of pool heaters. The best match for your swimming pool depends on the pool size, shape and your budget. Options include solar heating, gas heating and electrical heating. Each year, manufacturers create more energy-efficient heaters. If you are using an old model, you may save money by replacing it. Get estimates from several companies and ask questions about the product’s energy rating and how much it will cost you per month. This will help you decide whether a new heater is a good investment.

Heating water can be expensive. One way to reduce this is expense is to cover the pool when you aren’t using it. Pool covers prevent warm air from escaping the swimming pool water. The cover must fit the pool snugly to work efficiently. Often, you can cut the cover so that it fits tightly around ladders and stairs. If you heat your pool, a cover will protect the warmth you’ve worked to achieve. Cover the pool whenever you aren’t using it and always cover it at night. Pools lose the most heat during in the cool night air.

Solar covers are a popular option for many swimming pool owners. These solar covers absorb the sun’s rays to heat the pool’s water when you aren’t using it. Pool covers also help you care for your pool by keeping debris like leaves and pine needles out of the water. Solar covers are available in a variety of strengths. Some heat the water more quickly than others. The stronger covers are more costly but provide more efficient heating. Cheaper covers are not as efficient but still make a significant difference in the warmth of your water.

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