Hosting a Children’s Birthday Party

A swimming pool is a great place to host a child’s birthday party. There are lots of easy theme ideas and you can decorate simply and cheaply. You can order a swimming pool birthday cake or make cupcakes with pool-colored icing. Simple decorations may include blow-up beach balls, floats, and pink flamingoes.

It’s easy to create invitations for swimming pool parties. You can purchase pre-made invitations or create simple invitations yourself with a laser printer. Try decorating the invitations with pool-themed graphics like beach balls, splashing water and children in bathing suits. Another advantage to swimming pool parties is that you can serve simple food since it suits the occasion perfectly. Hotdogs and hamburgers are popular choices. You can also serve fruit, salads, chips and other simple picnic foods.

kids-partyWhen you host a swimming pool birthday pool, there are lots of low-cost and creative gift bags you can give out to guests. Try shopping at a dollar store to find inexpensive gifts. Try purchasing inexpensive buckets that can double as toys and gift holders. You can fill the bucket with summertime gifts like sidewalk chalk, blow-up floats, goggles, flip flops, diving rings and balls.

Safety is an important issue when you have multiple guests at the pool, especially if some of them are children. Even children that can swim need constant supervision in the swimming pool. There should be at least one adult per three children. The adults should be undistracted and sober. It’s a good idea for supervising adults to work in shifts so they can pay extra attention to the water.

There are several supplies you should have on hand for a swimming pool party. First, make sure you have plenty of towels. Guests often bring towels, but people often forget. Have plenty of sunscreen readily available. Many swimming pool owners keep extra swimming suits on hand just in case someone shows up without one. Always have at least one rescue device such as a rescue float or float. Ask children to bring life jackets and keep some extra one on hands. Don’t, however, depend on rescue devices. They are no substitute for proper supervision.

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