Low-cost Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area

Everyone wants their yard to look attractive, especially when they are entertaining guests. You can make your swimming pool area look up-to-date without investing a lot of money. You may need to be creative and spend a little time on projects but you’ll find that you have lots of options.

End-of-season sales are a great way to find furniture, decorations, swimming pool toys and other accents without breaking the bank. You may not get the immediate gratification of using the items, but when the next swimming pool season rolls around, you’ll have an impressive setup for your yard.

Check thrift stores for furniture. Often, you can find usable pieces but you may need to go to more than one store. Some pieces, like tables and chairs, may need a little loving care to make them presentable. You can buy standard or spray paint to create chairs that match or complement one another. If you have sturdy chairs, but feel they look out of date, you have a few options.

  • You can purchase or make chair covers that look updated and trendy.
  • Pillows can brighten the appearance of older furniture. You can find many pillows in discount stores that will improve the look of your chairs without spending much money.

Many people place simple plants or flowers around the swimming pool to make the area look more sophisticated. Thrift and discount stores are a great source for decorative pots. You can find a wide array of colors and styles. Ceramic pots are generally expensive but you can achieve the same look with cheaper, plastic pots. Find inexpensive flowers and place the pots around the swimming pool and throughout the yard. This will make the area look fresh and inviting.

Consider using other people’s castoffs. A lot of people sell their old furniture and swimming pool items on websites and at yard sales. Many of the items are in very good condition and only need a quick cleaning. When people are moving, they often sell a wide variety of items at extremely low prices. Search advertisements for these types of sales. You’ll find many useful items that can enhance your yard at budget prices.

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