How to Create Privacy Around Your Spa

Privacy around a swimming pool or spa makes it easier for you and your friends to relax and enjoy themselves. There are several steps you can take to make the area seem more secluded even if you are in the midst of several other homes. You should begin by viewing your swimming pool or spa area from several directions. Look at the area from the street side. Ask neighbors if you can look at your home from their yards. Examine the buildings that surround you. What kind of views do they have? Do buildings have balconies that make it easy to look into your yard? Are there high rises with windows that look directly into your yard? This type of examination will help you identify the areas that you need to shelter.

One of the most basic ways to increase privacy around your spa or swimming pool is to have the proper fencing. Many localities have regulations about how high fences must be around a swimming pool to prevent against accidents. A good fence will make it difficult for people to see into your yard and view your swimming pool or spa.

Furniture is another option for increasing swimming pool or spa privacy. Raised benches, taller chairs and umbrellas can decrease visibility. You can build a small, enclosed and decorative fence directly around the spa to provide another level of privacy. The fence can also serve as a place to hang towels and robes if you hang some hooks.

private-spaPlants are another option for increasing privacy. You can place large, potted plants in strategic areas to block curious eyes from seeing the area. Some people plant trees in the immediate area. This may lead to increased debris in your swimming pool but trees have several benefits such as shade and privacy. You can take steps to keep debris out of your swimming pool and spa if you’d like to increase your privacy with trees.

Some people choose to have their spa placed in a deck that has a recess. That way, the spa appears to be lower and is more difficult for others to see. It also makes exiting and entering the spa easier for many people.

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