Introducing Babies to Water

Babies can have a lot of fun in a swimming pool if they are introduced to the water in the right way. You should plan to be patient and introduce the child to the water slowly. Some babies are easily frightened and may not feel comfortable quickly. It may take more than one try to help the baby relax in the swimming pool. Before taking the child in the swimming pool, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen. Babies burn easily so apply the sunscreen all over the child’s body. It’s also a good idea to put a hat on the baby.

baby swimmingTemperature is an important consideration. Babies get cold more quickly than adults. They will be more comfortable if they are introduced to warmer water. Often, shallow water has a higher temperature than the rest of the swimming pool, so this is a good place to take the baby. One good way to introduce a baby to the water is to sit with the child in shallow water and bring a few toys. The baby may start playing with the toys and begin to feel more comfortable.

If the child is braver, you can hold the baby and walk into the swimming pool. Hold the child tightly and don’t surprise the baby by throwing him or her. Avoid bouncing or splashing the baby. You might scare the child and the swimming pool adventure will come to an end. Walk slowly around the pool and let the baby get comfortable. Don’t force the baby to stay in the water if he or she is scared.

There are many floats that are manufactured for babies and small children. These can be a great way for the child to enjoy the water if they are properly attended. Stay close to the child and hold onto the float. Never leave a baby unattended in a swimming pool under any circumstances. Some pool floats seem extremely safe and secure but they are not a substitute for close adult supervision. A life vest won’t provide complete protection. A competent adult must always hold or be within arm’s reach of the baby at all times.

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