Fighting Debris in the Pool

There are few things more frustrating than trying to fight debris in your swimming pool. If you have mesquite or pine trees around the swimming pool, you may feel like you’re fighting a constant battle against debris especially when the seasons are changing and the trees are dropping leaves. There are steps you can take to minimize your problems with leaves, needles, grass clippings, pine cones and bugs so that you won’t spend as much time cleaning.

leaf1Many people use a skimmer several times a day to keep the pool clean. It’s important to keep the debris out of the pool because it not only looks more attractive but helps balance the pool chemistry. Keeping the swimming pool clean also helps protect the pool equipment so that it runs more effectively. Skimming is effective but it is time-consuming and you can get behind quickly if you are busy.

Pool covers can keep debris out of your swimming pool. You can purchase a number of different styles. Many people buy solar swimming pool covers because they serve a dual purpose. They keep unwanted items out of the pool. These covers also prevent heat from escaping the water so it stays warm even when the air outside is cool. The cover must fit the swimming pool snugly or debris can sneak in along the sides. Also, you should be careful when removing the cover so that you don’t spill leaves, pine cones and other items into the pool. You can prevent this problem by cleaning the swimming pool cover with a rake or net.

There are leaf covers that you can place on top of your regular pool cover. Many people place these over their swimming pool covers during the winter. The net is light and can be easily lifted off the pool to remove debris so that the items don’t slip through the pool cover. The net will need to be secured safely so that it doesn’t slip into the water.

You may find items in your pool even if you take assertive measures. You’ll need to vacuum your pool. There are leaf attachments that you can connect to your pool vacuum so that the leaves are extracted before they get into the filter system. This will reduce the amount of backwashing you need to do as you vacuum.

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