Controlling Outdoor Pests Naturally

Pests are an unavoidable part of summertime. They can make your time around the swimming pool frustrating, especially in the early evening. People and some plants attract mosquitoes which can be extremely annoying. Instead of avoiding your swimming pool, find ways to manage the pests.

Many people don’t like to have strong chemicals around their homes. Some people are particularly sensitive to chemicals which make chemical pest treatments out of the question. There are strategies to keep pests away from the swimming pool area instead of killing the bugs once they arrive. There are many simple things you can do such as avoiding perfumes and sugary scents. Clear out dirty, standing water in buckets or puddles as mosquitoes often breed in these environments.

Citronella and beeswax candles are popular tools for repelling insects. They naturally get rid of mosquitoes. These candles are nontoxic and have a pleasant smell. People often place several of these candles around the swimming pool to control bugs.

There are a variety of herbs that can repel mosquitoes and other pests. You can grow these in small planters and place them around the swimming pool. Lemon balm will attract bees, but it is not attractive to other insects. You can crush the leaves and rub them on your body to make mosquitoes less interested in you. Placing the plants around the swimming pool or porch will keep bugs out of the area.

black-bugCatnip is extremely attractive to cats, but studies show that mosquitoes dislike it. It repels some other disagreeable bugs like cockroaches. You can crush it and rub it on your skin just like lemon balm. You should place it away from other plants if you have a cat. Your cat may roll in it and accidentally damage other parts of your garden. Peppermint repels a lot of bugs that bite. They don’t like the scent. It’s another great plant to have near the swimming pool and garden.

Marigolds are usually decorative plants, but they can do double duty as bug repellents. The marigolds will look attractive in pots around your swimming pool and the mosquitoes will dislike the smell enough to avoid the area. Another flower, called ageratum, gets rid of mosquitoes because of the odor. These plants work well among rocks and other low-lying areas.

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