Losing Baby Weight in Your Pool

Babies inevitably come with weight gain. The weight can be tough to get off and many new moms struggle to try to get back their former figures. A swimming pool is a relaxing place to exercise and can provide a good workout. Swimming pool exercises work a wide range of muscles which can be an important aid in weight loss.

Exercise has an additional benefit for mothers. It helps them manage the stress that comes along with being a new parent. Babies bring a lot of changes and moms don’t get a lot of alone time. Even a quick few laps in the swimming pool can help moms manage their stress and get a few minutes to think quietly.

There are lots of different exercises you can do in a swimming pool. Laps are great exercise. You may find that you are only able to do a few laps at first. It takes time to build up your strength, especially when you are dealing with sleepless nights and harried days. Don’t overexert yourself. Instead, try to add a few laps every few days. You should alternate different types of strokes to strengthen muscle groups. Traditional strokes will work your arms and legs. The breaststroke will help you increase your arm and leg strength. Laps are hard work and will burn a significant amount of calories. This will help in the weight loss process.

You are probably particularly concerned with reducing the size of your abdomen. It will slowly shrink in the months after the birth of your child. General weight loss will also make a difference. However, birth stretches your abdominal muscles and they will need specific toning to get back to their original shape. There are swimming pool exercises that specifically target your abdomen to help you regain your muscle tone.

You can tone your abdominal muscles by walking in the water. As you walk, lift one leg to the level of your stomach. Alternate legs as you walk across the swimming pool. Pull-ups are another way to give your abdominal muscles a workout. Face away from the edge of the swimming pool and hold on to the side with your arms. Lift your legs to the level of your stomach and repeat the exercise as many times as possible. It may take time to develop the strength to repeat this exercise, but you should see a difference as you practice.

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