Pool Opening Celebrations

The first swimming pool party of the summer is a lot of fun. Everyone is excited to start the summer season. You’ll start the season off on the right foot if you throw a fun party. You’re probably not the only one throwing a party at the first sign of rising temperatures, so you’ll want to take steps to make your swimming pool party stand out.

Poolside FunA beach theme is fun for an early swimming pool party. People are looking forward to vacations and free time. Beaches represent both these things. Buy buckets and shovels as party favors for children Avoid sand. You’ll spend hours cleaning out your swimming pool. You can find lots of inexpensive decorations that can double as swimming pool toys throughout the season. Buy beach balls, sunhats, pool noodles and floats to keep guests entertained. You can also put up a net for a game of pool volleyball.

An early swimming pool party is a great time to break out popular summer foods. Fire up the grill and serve hot dogs and hamburgers. Serve chips, soda and ice cream. Since it’s early in the season, most people haven’t had traditional summer foods for a long time. They’ll be a fun treat. Instead of regular ice cubes, buy reusable freezable drink cubes in shapes like oranges, lemons, strawberries or other fun shapes.

You can serve food on festive plates to make the swimming pool party bright and fun. Remember, never bring glass around the swimming pool. It’s very difficult to clean up and someone could easily get a serious cut. Instead, buy brightly colored plates and cups to serve food and drink. Lots of people serve summer cocktails like margaritas and beer. Carefully monitor guests to make sure they haven’t had too much alcohol when they’re near water. Have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available.

There are lots of decorations you can add around the swimming pool to support the beach theme. Inflatable palm trees are inexpensive and fun. You can put up signs that say “Welcome to Summer!” Paper lanterns add a festive touch if you can hang them on trees or fences. If the party is in the evening, buy glow sticks and necklaces for guests.

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