Swimming Strokes and Your Muscles

Swimming is a great form of exercise. You can have a light, medium or intense workout in a swimming pool, depending on your strength and goals. There are a wide variety of swimming strokes. Before you start exercising in a swimming pool, it’s a good idea to consider the focus of your exercise. You can exercise different muscle groups depending on which swimming strokes you use. Many people combine strokes to get a good overall workout while others practice certain strokes to build particular muscles.

The butterfly stroke is very effective way to work abdominal muscles in the swimming pool. It also helps you work your chest, back, arms and triceps. For an effective overall workout, many swimmers choose the butterfly. You can increase the workout on your abdominal muscles by using them to lift your body when you need to take a breath.

Freestyle strokes are the most well-known swimming pool exercises. This stroke is also referred to as the front crawl. These strokes work several muscles in your body at once, including your abdominals, gluts, shoulders and back. You can strengthen the abdominal workout by holding your torso as straight as possible while doing the freestyle.

The breaststroke is a slower, more precise stroke. Although swimmers don’t move as quickly through the swimming pool with this stroke, they are still getting a good workout. The breaststroke works chest, thigh, back, shoulders, legs, triceps and hamstrings. The breaststroke is a great choice if you want to focus on your upper body strength.

The backstroke is another great exercise to work into your regimen. This stroke will help you tone your stomach, buttocks and legs while giving your arms and shoulders a good workout. You should try to lengthen your body as much as possible to increase the muscle toning in your arms.

If you are concerned about toning your body core, you should focus mostly on the backstroke and butterfly. When you perform these strokes, you will use your muscles to balance your body. This will give your core an effective workout. You can rely on your swimming pool to give you a lot of good exercise options. If you swim a lot, you should vary your strokes to prevent boredom.

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