Swimming Pool Safety Accessories

Swimming pool safety is an important issue for any pool owner. It becomes especially important when there are small children around the pool. Constant supervision is critical near a swimming pool. There are also supplies you can purchase that will aid with pool safety.

There are a variety of in-ground or surface top alarm systems that you can set up on your swimming pool. These feature sensors that will activate the alarm if an object falls into the water. You can purchase sensors that work even when a pool cover is present.  Sensors typically only activate when something that is 15 pounds or more falls into the swimming pool. Most sensors are fine-tuned and won’t raise a false alarm due to wind or rain. These sensors are a great protection for times when no one is at the pool. Still, it is not safe to leave a child unattended near the pool, even if an alarm is present.

Pool owners can restrict access to their pools with entry gates, fences and latches. These are available for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. Many companies can install fences that completely surround the swimming pool area. The gates provide a barrier so that children and animals cannot get into the water. Gates often feature self-latching mechanisms so that the gate closes completely. You can buy padlocks to further secure the gate. The fence should be at least 48 inches above the ground to prevent access by children. It’s also important that the latch on the gate is properly maintained. If it doesn’t close securely, it can be breached. Latches can rust or get loose over time, so check the gate regularly to make sure it closes securely.  The ladder on an above-ground pool serves as an initial barrier to entrance. You can remove most ladders to prevent entrance. You can also place locking gates at the top of the stairs to further secure the swimming pool.

Swimming pools are just as dangerous in the winter as they are in the summer. Most people keep water in the pool all through the year. There are special safety covers that can prevent a person or animal from falling into the pool. The covers are designed to bear large amounts of weight and completely cover the surface of the swimming pool.

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