Kids and Exercise

It’s important that children get plenty of exercise. You can enroll them in sports or take them to the park and on hikes. Your swimming pool is another great way for your children to get exercise. Even when they are playing in the water, you can help them get a good workout. Children get bored swimming laps in the pool so you should find other ways to entertain them while helping them get exercise.

Challenge the children to race in the swimming pool. You can vary the race in a variety of ways. The children can race underwater, do the backstroke or even run. Create obstacle courses with pool toys and floats to make the race more interesting. You can also award small prizes to the winners.

You can hold scavenger hunts in the swimming pool. Put coins, toys or other small items on the bottom of the pool. Children can search individually or you can create teams during the scavenger hunt. The children will have to swim underwater to find all of the toys. They may want goggles for this type of game.

Challenge the kids to kicking contests to see who can make the biggest splash. They can hold onto the side of the swimming pool or use a kickboard. You can judge based on the highest and furthest kicks. You can also make the game about who kicks the longest. Kicking is great exercise and will help the children strengthen their leg muscles.

Water volleyball and basketball are fun games for the swimming pool. Help the kids break up into teams to challenge each other. You should play along with them to get some exercise yourself. Even if you don’t have a volleyball net, you can still play. Divide the pool into sections for the volleyball game and mark the lines with a noodle or other fixture on the side of the pool.

Relay races are another fun game for kids. The kids divide into teams and for each leg of the race, a team member has to accomplish a goal. These can include diving for rings, racing a large float across the pool, removing objects from the swimming pool or walking backwards in the water. This will help the kids get exercise and have fun at the same time.

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