Ideas for Pool Fun

A swimming pool is a lot of fun. As the summer goes on, you may be looking for new ways to enjoy your swimming pool. There are some novel ideas you can try to make things more exciting.

Find an inexpensive water-proof camera. You can have kids or adults film underwater movies. Try thinking of themes like mermaids or sea monsters. Kids can play the theme games and take movies at the same time. If you know how to use computer editing software, you can edit the films to add special effects and graphics. You can also take pictures with the camera, which are fun keepsakes. You can post them on social media as a reminder of a fun day at the pool.

A swimming pool can be a lot of fun at night. You can host a glow party at your pool. There are lots of glow-in-the dark novelties that will help you build a theme for the party. Instead of regular pool toys, use bright toys like glow sticks in the water. Swimmers can dive for the glowing sticks as a fun game. You can put glow sticks into balloons, which will float on top of the pool. Some party stores sell glowing beach balls. Pass out glow necklaces and buy glowing drink ware. Guests will love having their drinks in glow-in-the-dark cups. You can add glowing straws to the drinks for an extra fun touch. If you are using the swimming pool at night, turn on the patio and pool lights so that you can properly supervise everyone.

Rubber DuckyRubber ducks are a classic children’s bath toy, but they can be lots of fun in the swimming pool. You can draw numbers on the bottom of the ducks and have children capture the ducks. Then, give out prizes that correspond to the numbers on the ducks. It will be like a carnival game. Kids can also race the ducks across the swimming pool as a game. They use their noses to push the duck as far as possible and the kid that reaches the end first is the winner. You can extend the theme and have a rubber duck party. There are lots of rubber duck party novelties such as plates, cups, floats and toys that will make your rubber duck party a success.

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