Taking Appropriate Precautions

It’s a lot of fun to have guests visit your swimming pool. A pool is a great place for informal gatherings and parties. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to having pool guests. If you keep the environment safe, the fun will come naturally.

Perform some simple swimming pool maintenance ahead of time. If you have a deck, check to make sure it isn’t oily or slimy. If it is, treat it with the appropriate cleaners to remove the sliminess so that guests don’t slip. Clean the pool thoroughly to ensure that the walls and bottom aren’t slippery.

Take some precautionary steps when it comes to refreshments. Never allow glass near the swimming pool. Stick to cans and plastic cups. Limit the amount of alcohol you serve. If it’s a hot day, guests may overindulge merely because they are hot and thirsty. Heat increases the effect of alcohol. It’s dangerous to have inebriated people near the swimming pool. You can prevent this by controlling the flow of alcohol and monitoring your guests’ condition constantly.

There should be an assigned water watcher at all times. This person should make sure that games don’t get out of hand and that children are safe. If even the children know how to swim, it’s critical to have a water watcher. This simple step can prevent many accidents. The water watcher should count the number of people in the swimming pool and check their locations on a regular basis. He or she should check for swimmers on the bottom of the pool. Change water watchers every 30 minutes to give watchers a break. The water watcher shouldn’t consume alcohol and should be a strong swimmer.

Lay some ground rules out for guests. Ban serious horseplay. Weak swimmers should not go into the deep end and must wear a U.S. Coastguard-approved life vest. Tell swimmers not to dive. Have a phone near the pool in case of a serious accident. It’s a good idea to have someone with CPR and resuscitation training at the party. Many pool owners get this training themselves so they can assist in an emergency.

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